Creating Entry Points Using The Social Technographics Ladder

No Comments 15 April 2015

I had an "aha!" moment this week: We can't forget about different entry points and jumpers. While some will move along a continuum towards increasing leadership responsibilities, others will contact you or begin to show leadership interest from the very beginning. In this blog post, I offer a model with a variety of online entry points for those stakeholders who want to dive into your organization fully, jump over initial entry points, and become deeply engaged.

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Moving From Stakeholder To Network Weaver

9 Comments 13 September 2013

What can we do to move stakeholders, those who are already invested in some way in the success of our organizations, up a ladder of engagement to become network weavers? To then become fundraisers? In this blog post, I highlight a presentation that I gave this week entitled "Empowering Your Stakeholders to Become Network Weavers" as part of the Women in Philanthropy speaker series. It's a "playbook in four-part harmony" that includes encouraging staff to actively use social media channels, developing social media policies, training staff/volunteers/board members on social media use, and assigning private online spaces for online network weavers and more highly-engaged fans to use.

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What Do You Reserve For Your Most Loyal Fans?

2 Comments 20 May 2013

The imitable Sarah Robinson recently spoke about the irony that daily deal sites such as Living Social offer incentive deals for new customers, yet it is even more important to reward your most loyal customers with your best pricing. That really stuck in my head. Mission-driven organizations have not really thought much rewarding loyalty by offering their very best deals to their most loyal online fans. And frankly, it's an oversight, because it's a game-changing idea for the nonprofit sector.

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Implementing Social Change Anytime Everywhere: Q & A with Amy Sample Ward and Allyson Kapin

2 Comments 10 April 2013

Earlier this week, I posted my review of Amy Sample Ward and Allyson Kapin's new book, Social Change Anytime Everywhere. After reading the book, I sent Amy and Allyson six questions about the book, following up on some of the concepts and examples presented in the book. In the following Q&A, Amy and Allyson share their thoughts on what inspired them to write the book, how real-time web and mobile has changed how we do business internally and externally, which nonprofits are successful at building online community, what assets an organization should have in place before launching a multichannel campaign, and the investment needed to raise money online.

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Seattle Public Library suggestions post w:photo

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The Intersection of You and Them is Value

6 Comments 10 December 2012

What is the Seattle Public Library doing that is so radically different than 90% of the Facebook Pages out there? Offering value. In the case of the Seattle Public Library, they've clarified the intersection of what they can offer, and what their Facebook fans want. That intersection is a personalized, customized, online library experience. And boy, are they offering value for a Like.

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Fierce Loyalty: The Interview with Sarah Robinson You Need To Read

23 Comments 19 September 2012

Sarah Robinson doesn't just understand that loyalty is important, she understands the DNA behind what makes customers fiercely loyal. In my interview with her, below, she speaks to what makes up the DNA of a fiercely loyal community. In these economic times, when individual and organizational resources are stretched, nonprofits must cultivate fiercely loyal fans in order to thrive.Sarah truly understands social media engagement, and her new book Fierce Loyalty is a shining example of why I admire her work and her philosophy. The book is a step-by-step framework for defining your compelling community interest, and building a fiercely loyal community that cares about your cause. In this blog post, I interview Sarah Robinson about her book, the DNA of successful communities, her background, and the role of social media in building loyalty.

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Returning to Facebook Groups

24 Comments 31 May 2012

A friend recently asked me: "What are you excited about now in Facebook?" Without hesitation, I replied, "Facebook Groups." Yes, Facebook Groups, not Pages. Facebook Pages were never designed for real and deep community-building, and I've begun to believe they will never be successful at this. Written off and abandoned by almost every organization I knew once Pages beefed up its functionality three years ago, Groups is where the real community engagement is happening now.

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Measuring the Return on Engagement of Community Commitment

2 Comments 18 May 2012

I've been talking and thinking a lot about measuring social media engagement with colleagues, nonprofits, and social media activists. Two years ago, those of us participating in social media engagement and strategy were trying to come up with "the" metric to define social media tactical success. And then social media practice evolved, as did the thinking about measurement. In fact, it's crystal clear to me now: measuring Return on Engagement (ROE) is actually two measures: SMART goal Return on Engagement, and the ROE of Community Commitment. Using these two metrics, an organization can get a pretty good sense of whether or not its online activities and strategies are working, and whether or not it is building a community of committed stakeholders.

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Creating a Social Media Strategy: The Secret Sauce

12 Comments 08 February 2012

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to offer a workshop on the topic of creating a social media strategy to a group of budding entrepreneurs. It's a big, meaty topic, and no two strategies are ever developed in the same way. Over the years, I've developed a methodology of what goes into strategy development, and focused on that methodology for the workshop. There are four elements to developing a social media strategy: evaluating current organizational assets, researching competitors (and comparables), choosing appropriate channels for ongoing participation, and measurement. I might add developing online campaigns (as relevant) to that mix. This post discusses those key elements, and includes a comprehensive slide deck of the presentation that I gave.

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Grinspoon Annual Conference: Sharing the Bright Spots of Effective Technology Use

No Comments 01 December 2011

presented at this year's Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy's annual conference November 13-14 in Springfield, MA, and walked away impressed with some of interesting things that camps are doing with technology. Kevin Martone, the Institute's Technology Program Manger, wrote this guest post highlighting how three camps used technology creatively to meet their goals: online/offline relationship building through blogging and Facebook, engaging current families with an unique iPad/iPhone app, and social fundraising through livestreaming a phone-a-thon. As Kevin writes, "These camps evoke incredibly strong emotions in their alumni, campers, and parents. They need to use the tools available to harness these emotions and connect them to the real world.

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