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Curating Nonprofit News

13 Comments 25 October 2013

I find it hard to keep up with all the news. Many of us have our own curation practice, but one of the most efficient I have is to keep an eye on those in our community who are curating the news for us. While I trust the curators I've selected on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social channels to find and share news and information relevant to me, I love the news roundups most. They are a mix of the personal sensibilities of the curator (sometimes irreverant, sometimes quirky) and the web stories or blog posts that piqued their interests. These are the nonprofit news roundups that I read.

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Social Media Requires Patronage and Community

2 Comments 20 February 2013

Behind every successful social media campaign is a community of partners that teach, guide, support financially and contribute to the campaign. Everyone wants to know what will "get them 5,000" likes and "how to grow really big" on social media. Organizations read about and aspire to replicate viral online campaigns such as the Kony 2012 campaign, or Blame Drew's Cancer. In this blog post, I look at the Kony 2012 video campaign, and how it complies with Gladwell's theory that creative genius needs a patron and community. Patrons and community not only support creative geniuses, but they are critical internal elements of an organization's digital communications growth and learning.

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Looking Backwards and Forwards: 2012 and 2013 Nonprofit Technology Use

2 Comments 20 December 2012

I love looking back on the year in nonprofit technology and thinking about what it has brought us, and what we can learn from it. In this blog post, I review the nonprofit communications practices that saw wider acceptance in 2012, the best of the research reports of 2012 that inform fundraising and communications, and some prognostications for 2013.

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Bringing Social Inside: Social media staffing, culture and policies

4 Comments 16 November 2012

Last week, I presented on the topic of "Bringing Social Inside" through Nonprofit Webinars. I developed the presentation out of a belief that successful social media strategy and implementation must also have certain supportive foundations inside the organization. The core components are staffing, budget, a supportive culture, and some basic social media policies. Most organizations I've worked with have at least one of these four components, and very few have all four. This blog post walks through these elements, and includes a slide presentation illustrating many of the core components and supporting research.

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Keeping It Real: Personal Boundaries in Online Community Management at SXSW

5 Comments 18 March 2012

I had the privilege of joining three seasoned social media community managers on the "Personal/Personnel Policy: Social Media Boundaries" panel at South By Southwest this year. Vanessa Rhinesmith (Director of Outreach at Start Some Good), Jess Main (Director of Operations at National Center for Media Engagement), Amy Sample Ward (Membership Director at NTEN) and I presented examples of how we have negotiated the boundary between personal and professional involvement in social media. The panel offered a lot of great examples of these situations, and the engaged audience asked even more questions. Key takeaways from the session included planning for the future of your social media presence, sharing social media account information internally, don't be afraid of the customer service aspect of engaging online, and create a guidelines document for how staff should represent the organization online.

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