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Trendspotting: 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference

13 Comments 10 March 2015

I just returned from the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) energized and excited about where nonprofit technology practitioners think the field is heading. In this #15ntc roundup, I talk about the trends in nonprofit technology that I spotted at the conference, and why this is the year that nonprofit technology field jumped past "where are we now" to answer the question "where do we want to go next?"

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Finding #GivingTuesday Community at the NTEN Hangout 12/2

1 Comment 01 December 2014

In just two years #GivingTuesday has become the recognized day of giving (and giving back) in the US, and now has participation in 9 countries worldwide. This year, #GivingTuesday is starting to become a communal experience, not just in the giving...or almost requisite ask for donations...but in the desire to come together to discuss generosity and giving as a community. NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network, is hosting a one-hour open conversation on GivingTuesday at 11am PT/ 2pm ET as a way for community members to share #GivingTuesday efforts, discuss why they are a part of the NTEN community, and share ideas for the year ahead. Joleen Ong, Marketing and Publications Director of NTEN, explained that "NTEN is all about community and on #GivingTuesday, we're gathering the community together to celebrate the giving season."

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An Unexpected Nonprofit Fundraising Story

2 Comments 27 August 2014

The Center for Great Apes has hit on a brilliant merge of fundraising and storytelling. The Center is using Amazon Wish Lists to ask for specific donations for their great apes. Each item includes a small story about why it is needed, often connected to a specific animal. This is small moment storytelling. It also is storytelling fundraising, with a whiff of whimsy...and personal appeal. It's refreshingly simple, yet unexpected.

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M&R 2014 Benchmarks Study: Findings and Implications

No Comments 18 April 2014

The M&R 2014 Benchmarks Study is here! For the past eight years, M&R,with support from NTEN, has produced a study of email and fundraising benchmarks. This year's study looked at email (open rates, churn, clickthrough rates, list growth, response rates), online giving (email, other giving online, monthly vs. one-time gifts), website traffic (traffic growth and web gift rates), and social media (Facebook and Twitter fan size, growth, and frequency of posting) in 2013. What is interesting about this year's study isn't so much what is in it, but what it implies for the future of web communication.

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This Is What Nonprofits Need More Than A Facebook Donate Button

6 Comments 18 December 2013

Have you noticed that your organization’s Facebook page reach is down lately? Very much so? That’s because Facebook has recently made changes to the way page content appears in newsfeeds. In an internal document leaked to Ad Age, Facebook reveals the future demise of organic post reach and importance of paid post reach. To quote […]

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#GivingTuesday: Looking for Community

1 Comment 09 December 2013

Last November, I wrote a blog post about the potential for building relationships with #GivingTuesday. In 2012, #GivingTuesday was an idea to build a day dedicated to giving, and an opening of the door to a movement. I understood that it was an initial experiment, but I wanted more: I wanted a place where we […]

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Turning Traditional Donors into Online Evangelists

1 Comment 28 June 2013

On Monday, the Boston 501 Tech Club and Eventbrite hosted the workshop "Turning Traditional Donors Into Online Evangelists." The presentation and discussion focused on strategies for moving those donors who are traditionally more comfortable supporting an organization offline to becoming online supporters and evangelists. The core of the strategy for turning traditional donors into online evangelists revolves around creating and supporting a Digital Support Squad, illustrated both in featured blog post image and explained in detail within an embedded slide presentation.

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Step It Out Giving Tuesday

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A Giving Tuesday Pay It Forward Success for the American Diabetes Association

2 Comments 03 January 2013

While some organizations used Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to ask for donations during the nationwide event, the American Diabetes Association took the opportunity to plan an extremely creative peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity, Step It Out. While it was a fundraising campaign, I was intrigued by how the organization used it as an opportunity to deepen and engage its community. The result was bountiful: $21,000 in donations, increased involvement from fundraisers, and deeper fundraiser loyalty to the American Diabetes Association. For more, read this guest post by Shana Masterson, National Associate Director for Interactive Fundraising and Engagement with the American Diabetes Association.

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One Donor’s 2012 Giving Tuesday Challenge Test

2 Comments 30 November 2012

Lynne Wester, Director of Stewardship and Donor Recognition at Yeshiva University in New York City and a fundraising stewardship consultant, conducted a brilliant donor user experience test this week during Giving Tuesday, effectively doubling the value of Giving Tuesday for 15 organizations. She donated to all, carefully documenting the experience, assessed the donation process, and blogged about it. This is what she found...

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Building Giving Relationships on Giving Tuesday

No Comments 27 November 2012

#GivingTuesdayâ„¢ is a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. As the day draws near, the #GivingTuesday hashtag has become more prevalent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and other social media sites. While I love the idea of moving away from pre-holiday consumerism to Giving Tuesday, I'd love to see Giving Tuesday be the kickoff event of the donor relationship season. My dream? That Giving Tuesday becomes an integral part of donation relationship-building. Three examples come to mind.

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