Top 3 Best Cell Phone Spy Tracker Apps of 2023

There are several reasons people use mobile phone spy trackers. For people in romantic relationships, these apps help monitor cheating spouses, while parents use them to keep an eye on their children’s digital activities. Friends can also find each other anywhere and anytime using cell phone spyware. Furthermore, you can utilize these applications to find your device if it gets stolen or misplaced.

“Employers and business owners aren’t left out of the mix either. These individuals often have to keep track of their employees’ digital activities and locations to ensure business security and confidentiality. They can easily detect suspicious or fraudulent conversations using top spy trackers.”

Are Spy Trackers Legit? 

Are Spy Trackers Legit

Most people who have heard about cell phone spyware often wonder if they’re legit. The truth is, while there are several phony mobile monitoring tools out there, top-drawer spy apps like mSpy do a very terrific job of monitoring a smartphone. These top cell phone spy trackers also offer money-back guarantees if you have trouble with the app or are unsatisfied with the services you got. The opening for such offers often lasts for about 60 days after installing the app. 

Some cell phone monitoring software also have free-trial packages. These spy tracker free plans come with limited features, but they’ll get you acquainted with the app’s capabilities. You’ll gain access to the full range of features when you get a subscription plan.

Hence, if you wish to track your children’s way, don’t worry about the legality — it’s a 100% legal process. The same goes if you want to spy on the phone you own.

How to Track a Cell Phone Without Having Access to It? 

Your employees, partner, or children aren’t always around you, but you can still monitor their activities with a spy app. Here’s how you can track a cell phone without having access to it:

For iOS Devices

You can spy track a cell phone with iCloud credentials. If your loved one or employee uses an iOS device, such as an iPhone or Apple tablet, it’s possible to monitor them without having direct access to their smartphone. Simply purchase your preferred spy app and link it to the target iOS mobile phone using its iCloud credentials. Also, ensure the device doesn’t have two-factor authentication enabled before setting up the app. Once you’ve activated the spy software’s surveillance capabilities, you can begin monitoring the target smartphone.

For Android Devices

Tracking an Android device is a bit trickier because you’ll need direct access to the mobile phone to install and set up the app. However, once you’ve gotten hold of the smartphone, everything else is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is create an account on the app’s website and purchase a subscription package. Next, download and install the spyware tracker on the target cell phone and then log in to the Control Panel to set it up according to your preferences. After setting up the spy app, you can access the target device’s details by logging into your online account from your smartphone or computer.

Spyware GPS Tracker 

Did your child tell you they were going down the block to visit a friend, but you feel they might be heading somewhere else? They might have lied to you, knowing you would disapprove of their destination. Do you suspect your employee is in cohorts with your business rivals, holding secret meetings, and discussing confidential information? What about your partner? Are they keeping late nights, and you feel they might be cheating on you? 

With spy apps, you can answer these questions through mobile GPS tracking capabilities. You can know your child, girlfriend, or employees’ whereabouts by enabling location monitoring from the spyware on their smartphones. Some spy apps even have geofencing features that allow you to monitor specific locations and receive notifications whenever the target smartphone is within that region. 

Spy Tracker to Get GPS History Without Having the Phone 

Mobile phone spy tracker apps can help you get a device’s GPS history remotely. You can enjoy a relaxed mind while at work or on vacation, knowing where your children are at every given moment. Or, keep an eye on your employees if you suspect they’re into anything shady. Several of the best phone spy tracker applications such as mSpy, Mobile Spy, or SpyBubble are quite efficient in keeping you in the loop about your child, partner, or employees’ whereabouts. 

Spy Phone Tracker App 

Spy Phone Tracker App

If you are looking to keep an eye on your children, partner, or employees, a spy geo-tracker app is your best bet. Here’s an overview of 3 popular tracking applications.


mSpy is an excellent mobile monitoring solution that offers you GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities, alongside other digital surveillance features. With mSpy’s geofencing, you can set specific locations such as your home, and the app will send you a notification whenever your child is within this vicinity. This way, you’re always in touch with where they are and who they’re with. 

Spouses who feel their partners are cheating on them can also take advantage of mSpy’s geofencing. You can monitor specific zones and get information about how often your partner visits those places. 

mSpy stands out as arguably the best spy tracking app in the market thanks to its easy installation, impressive features, and flexible pricing plans. The app is a top choice among parents and employees looking for tracking software that provides the very best in mobile phone monitoring. mSpy is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, like most spyware on the market, mSpy offers subscription plans to give you access to its features. Here’s a list of this spy GPS tracker best buy plans for Android and iOS Devices.

  • 1-month Basic plan – $29.99 per month
  • 1-month Premium plan – $69.99 per month
  • 3-months Premium plan – $39.99 per month
  • 12-months Premium plan – $16.66 per month


SpyBubble is another top spy app for remote phone tracking. It’s compatible across Android and iOS platforms, with all the major features you’d expect from a fully-functional mobile monitoring software available on the app. The app also has 2 affordable subscription plans: a Basic payment package and a Pro version. 

A unique “track my phone spy call” that enables users to listen to the target smartphone’s phone calls is available on the Pro payment plan. People in romantic relationships who suspect their partners of infidelity will find this capability helpful, as it allows them to find out the reason behind their lover’s sneaky behavior. 

Mobile Spy 

Another top cell phone spy tracking app, Mobile Spy, offers the latest mobile phone spy surveillance features that make it easier for you to monitor your spouse, child, or employee. The app monitors the usual stuff you’d expect, such as calls, text messages, and location, while also adding some other impressive capabilities, like profanity alerts, SIM change notifications and lock/wipe the device. 

Parents will find the profanity alert feature interesting, as it allows them to receive updates whenever their children engage in anything inappropriate with their smartphones. Employers can also keep track of any fraudulent activities going on within or outside the office walls, as the app enables them to monitor employee emails. 

Mobile Spy is available for Android and iOS devices and comes with two price packages: Basic and Premium plans. The Basic subscription package goes for $49.97, while the Premium plan costs $64.97. Both give you access to the app’s capabilities for 3 months, after which you’ll need to renew your subscription. 


Can You Block a Phone Tracker? 

Yes, it’s possible to block spy apps from monitoring your device. For iOS devices, turning off your iCloud synchronization or enabling two-factor verification can block a phone tracker. Also, disabling location features or services, activating airplane mode, or switching off your phone can prevent cell phone tracking from a track spy app.

Are Phone Trackers Accurate? 

Yes, phone trackers are accurate under the right conditions. Most spy apps can accurately track a target smartphone when it’s within 3 meters. This figure drops if the device is inside high-rise buildings, tunnels, or parking garages.

Can You Track a Phone When It’s Off? 

No, location tracking requires that your mobile device sends signals to surrounding towers. However, you’ll receive GPS information on the smartphone before it goes off.

Can I Track Where My Phone Has Been? 

Yes, you can track where your smartphone has been. Mobile phone spy apps give you information about your phone’s current location, as well as its previous whereabouts. This feature should come in handy if you misplace your phone, and it eventually turns up out of nowhere. 

How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track?

While smartphone spyware generally works in stealth mode, making them undetectable, you can still disable their tracking features if you suspect someone monitors your phone. You can also disable if you do not want anyone installing such apps on your device at all. Here’s a quick guide on making your phone impossible to track:
1. Grant only trusted apps access to location features.
2. Enable 2-step verification on your cloud services, such as iCloud and Google accounts.
3. Switch off your device.
4. Disable location features and functions.

How to Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone?

There are several ways to know if someone has bugged your phone with a spy app. Here are some common signals you’ll experience. 
1. Your phone reboots itself frequently.
2. Your device rapidly gets slower.
3. You’ll notice strange sounds and interferences during phone calls.
4. Your device heats up while in idle mode.
5. You’ll notice that your device’s battery life rapidly deteriorates.
6. Your device takes longer to shut down.
7. You’ll notice odd-looking on-screen messages.
8. Your data usage is unusually high.
Hence, by being attentive to such details, you can pretty easily find out if someone is tracking your phone.

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